Duben 2013

say it loud

22. dubna 2013 v 16:01 | nasťa |  texty
Autor : Peter bič Project
Deska : Say it loud
Píseň : Hey Now

Music a lyrics : Ivan Bič ,Peter Bič ,Vladimír čekan ,Daša Kostovkovčik ,Matuš Pavlík ,Josef Zima

I´m just about it ,I can´t stop thinking about it
her we are ,we came hero to talk about it.
Litle dirty thing ,Iwill never look to your eyes.
Never know here name ,stop blaming me now.
that night i was so high ,your body lied to me ,ah .
That code I couldn´t recognize .
But one thing you forgot ,never play with my heart ,
boy ,how could you be so dumb ?
(hey mow, blame now ,hey now, say now)
I know what they say ,life is one real game,
But who can tell me that I have to play ?
When other players play hard ,
how could they funk with my heard with no punissh ?
this is not a real game .
Someone can call this game life, but i could use my
knife if anyone makes me the part of this bluff .
So if you wanna play hard ,try something with cards ,
fuck all dirty players at my party .
Hey now ,wait now
tears are never gona heal your body
hey now ,say now
please ,never gona stop this party

Baby I don´t know why
youře always telling me lie
baby i can´t deny always asking you why
you never know that ,
I will by forever and ever by your side

Baby Idońt Iknow why
just cant deny
youŕe the reason that I wana live and no metter what
time alvays be mine ,youĺl alvays be mine....